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Pieces of Me

For everyone who remembers him...

Richard Dawson
(11.20.32 – 6.2.2012)

We salute you, friend, and cherish the laughter you brought to our hearts.

Hotchstetter on "The Beaver"

Just saw Hotchstetter on Leave It to Beaver. Made me jump up from my sleepy state! It's always crazy to see familiar faces in new places... He seems to be a bad guy again, conniving with the rascal Eddy Haskell.

Writer's Block: Bookmarks

What is the last great book you read?
I stepped out of our car at the rest stop on the long drive from Sacramento to LA. The music playing in front of the MacDonald’s was so light, so happy, focused on love and feelings. But suddenly it all seemed so frivolous. People milled in and out of the glass doors, wandered to and from their hot, sticky vehicles. They all seemed to blissfully unaware. Didn’t they understand the deeper things in life? Was it just all about themselves?

I’d just read a stirring chapter in Vienna Prelude by Bodie Thoene, a novel set in the years before WWII. And to me at that moment, I was walking among the everyday folk in America and Great Britain, among the kind of people who figured that anything that was not New York or London wasn’t worth a thought about. I felt like John Murphy, from the story, who’d despaired at the isolationist attitude running through the Allies. They didn’t know a Holocaust was coming, and did they care? Only the few, exiled Churchill and beaten Eden, saw what we know now.

But it was this book which gave me this perspective. It was this piece of fiction that spoke fact like I’ve never felt it before. There are many times in this book where I’ve cried, where I’ve been enlightened, where I have joyed or sorrowed in events so real and poignant. It is not a book of mere entertainment. It is a book to make you grow and understand. What it teaches ranges from the political to the spiritual. From this book, I’ve learned and understood the political feelings before the war. I’ve learned how people could crowd the streets to cheer Hitler. I’ve learned how one could hope in a place like Dachau, I’ve learned how the danger of isolationism can lead to another Holocaust. I’ve learned how small a person could feel when he is living in times like the late 1930s, when he knows what is coming, but can do nothing to stop its evil advance. And I’ve placed a greater meaning to the Christian idea of “hoping in the Lord.” Hope is such a little thing to people like us who are financially and politically secure, but to those people, hope was something tangible. My perspective has been shifted so I can see and appreciate the deeper things by seeing myself in their shoes and asking, how would they see this?

In critique, the style of the writing is perfect, vocabulary changes from character to character, and one reads it as though it were a movie. The narrative was a little heavy, at first, as Thoene gave us backstory and background. Around 70-80 pages into the story, things begin to really get moving, and from there, it doesn’t stop much. Amazingly, there is no long lull in the middle that has come to every other story I’ve read. Thoene does a marvelous job of pacing, mixing humor, irony, and tragedy in a rich, complex blend of perfect poignancy.

Vienna Prelude has left me with images and scenes that I’d want to remember all of my life. So many are powerful, so many have such meaning and purpose. I’ve truly learned so much, experienced so much, felt and understood so much that I could never have gained from mere history books alone. Richness and depth are my criteria for beauty, and Vienna Prelude is beautiful indeed.

“Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan” (JS Bach)
What God has done is rightly done.

The above post was my Goodreads review of this title a couple months ago. I very much recommend this book! Though categorized as "Christian," it feels accessible to anyone, and Thoene did not preach, I felt. A marvelous novel that sparkles with life and meaning.

Crazy Internet Mania

How much time we spend on the Internet -- a revealing graphic. How much time do you spend on the 'net? I don't do Nexflix or videos much, but my family sure are Internet Mamas in data and information!

Where are you in the flow of data?Collapse )


The Long-Lost Update and Congrats to PBA!

So I don't know if you remember me, and that's OK if you don't, but I thought I'd post a post and say I'm been tremendously busy with Gettysburg class these past few months. I've virtually abandoned deviantArt and FanFiction -- and often my email (LOL) in the pursuit of July 1-3, 1863. Maybe I'll create another HH story sometime or other, now that the PBA nominations are getting HH FF in my consciousness again. Another problem is that my fun time is getting swamped by demanding plans to write a novel on certain American Civil War characters (Grant and Lee).

By the way, congratulations to all who were nominated to the PBA this year! Thank you to those who nominated my stories "Thrilling Adventures of a Boy Spy," "Right From Wrong," and "Christmas Wish."

Blessings to all!


Hogan's Heroes Anniversary Trivia

I was surprised when I saw my local news station website feature a Hogan's Heroes Trivia -- for the anniversary of the show's genesis, no less. It's ironic because I almost never check the news site. I only did now because I wanted to see if my area would see the meteor shower (that's supposed to be 2012's greatest). But that is other news...

Anyway, enjoy the quiz! I dumbly got one wrong and had to guess on another. So... 8/10 ain't bad.


In other news, I'm totally in the Civil War mode, studying the Battle of Gettysburg for my class. I figured out I love history more than art -- as my Understanding Art class seems more like a chore than exploring Robert E Lee and James Longstreet, Joshua Chamberlain, and Ulysses S Grant (yeah, he's not part of that battle, but I love him so!). Anyway!

Happy New Year to you all!

Happy Birthday, moondoggiesgirl!!

Happy birthday, [info]moondoggiesgirl!

I hope you've had a great one!!
I didn't make the GIF. *darn*


Happy Birthday, Ulysses_Blue!!

♪♫ For she's a jolly good fellow, for she's a jolly good fellow, for she's a jolly good fellow! Which nobody can deny. ♪♫
Happy birthday!!


Merry Christmas everyone!!

Just want to leave my Christmas wishes before I head off to Los Angeles for the holiday. Have a good one, one and all!

But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid ; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people; for today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.
--Luke 2:10-11


Hey, all! Winter class is starting...

Just giving you guys an update saying henceforth I'll be swamped with schooling. I've got three tough classes -- Chemistry, Understanding Art, and a fascinating one called Gettysburg. Luckily I finally figured out how to group my friend-list, so that'll help ease the load to look at here. Just giving a warning to y'all. Over and out!